10 Top reasons to go on a campervan holiday in scotland. Would you like to know some of the great reasons to book a campervan trip in Scotland?


1 A step up from camping

Camping can be fun when the weather is good but the UK weather is not always kind. When it’s wet or cold, you will be far more comfortable in a campervan.

There is no need to pitch a tent, either. You simply drive to your destination, pull on the handbrake, turn off the engine and you’re ready to kick back/cook/relax/sleep.

2 Freedom to travel

You can travel when you want, where you want and as far as you want in a campervan.

There are no schedules or programmes to follow, such as those that would be in place on a typical organised tour, because you simply pick a destination or attraction and drive.

Scotland offers easy accessibility to all compass points of the country on a great network of roads. There are also plenty of campsites dotted across the country so you will rarely be far from good facilities.

3 Budget friendly


Book a pop-up van with space for four people.

If you are keen to tour Scotland, then you might choose to hire a car and book a series of different accommodations. You’ll also need to pay for your meals.

But if you hire a campervan you have your overnights and cooking arrangement sorted up-front.

The best way to reduce the cost person is to fill the campervan or motorhome, so a family of four makes the best sense in a campervan with a pop-up roof. You’ll save money by cooking your own food.

Modern campervans are comfortable and have moderate fuel consumption, so spending your vacations on the move is not as expensive as you might think.

4 Great for family holidays

Campervan road trips are a fantastic way to travel with children. There is a great sense of adventure in a campervan or motorhome and you get to enjoy quality time together.

5 Up close with nature


A van with a view.

Stopping at a quiet roadside, close to a beach, in a forest car park or, well, almost anywhere in rural Scotland offers the chance to get up close to the natural surroundings.

When you park up for a meal or to enjoy a relaxing rest, make sure you set up the camping chairs and simply sit and look around you.

6 Take your dogs, too

dog waves

There is no need to book your pet into the kennels because our campervans and motorhomes are dog friendly. Simply bring the dog with you so they can enjoy a holiday, too.

7 Great combination of indoor and outdoor

You’ll find out what we mean by this the first time you park the campervan in a beautiful place. The attraction of sitting inside a comfortable campervan and looking out of an open side door is immense.

Of course, there will be times when you are happy to sit outside, times when you’ll want to be cosy inside with the doors and windows shut and many times when you’ll be content to sit in the van with the doors open looking outside.

8 It’s a flexible way to travel

Choosing a holiday that suits the whole family is a bit like trying to cook a dinner everyone will like. In other words, someone will always complain.

But a campervan trip can suit sightseers, surfers, walkers, cyclists, teashop fans, board games addicts and more.

One mode of travel can be something perfect for everyone – and as part of one big holiday.

9 Great for groups

If a group – such as extended family or several different families – want to take a combined holiday in Scotland, you could hire several campervans or motorhomes at once and head off for a holiday convoy.

You’ll enjoy travelling together and staying overnight in the same campsites or informal camping spots, yet you’ll also have the freedom to do you own thing during the daytime if you wish.

10 It’s a bucket list holiday


Put simply, many people have a trip in a campervan on their bucket list of holidays. So why not make it a “tick”?

So, whether you’re looking for a weekend break, week-long holiday or something in-between, a campervan holiday has something for everyone.


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