Our Green Credentials

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Counting sheep campers have undertaken a full Green audit of our company and implimented best green practices, the first campervan hire company in the UK to have done so.

We feel that the Scotland and Northumberland are totally unique and our beautiful unspoilt countryside is a joy to explore in one of our campervans, but we wanted to make sure people taking holidays made as little environmental impact as possible and in fact their holiday not only preserves the environment but during their trip they engage with local communities and use local businesses.

Our company values fit very well with the ethos of green tourism, so we were delighted to undertake this journey aswell as being registered with  Climate Care a carbon offsetting scheme. With these steps we hope to help improve the environment and support local communities for the campers of today and tomorrow.

Green Campervan Hire

Being Green was for us a fundimental part of our business and to achieve this, we were graded by a qualified Assessor against a rigorous set of criteria which cover a range of areas such as energy and water efficiency, waste management, biodiversity and social involvement and communication.

What a Green Audit Means

A Green Audit means that Counting Sheep Campers works responsibly, ethically and sustainably, contributes to their community, is reducing their impact on the environment and aims to be accessible and inclusive to all visitors and staff.

So when you are hiring one of our campervans our Green credentials provides you with the assurance you need that this business has been independently assessed and meets a National Sustainability standards.

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Who are Climate care?

Climate Care works with corporate and government partners to deliver world leading emission reduction and development programmes.

Our experts design integrated programmes and implement them – selecting and devising the best projects to tackle poverty, improve health, protect the environment and deliver value for the organisations involved.

This unique Climate+Care approach is a cost effective way for corporates to take full responsibility for their climate and social impacts and for the public sector to deliver more efficiency for its spend.

As the market leader for over 20 years, by unlocking new sources of finance and leveraging mainstream funding, we deliver some of the largest and most successful sustainability initiatives in the world.

Our work has an immediate and measurable impact for people and the environment: to date we have cut over 21 million tonnes of CO2 and improved life for over 16.5 million people.

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